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Check if you’re eligible for a government grant.

If you own/rent a property that is heated with electricity and receive income-related benefits you are very likely to qualify for a government grant.

  • You are a Homeowner, Landlord or a Private Tenant
  • You receive Income-Related Benefits
  • You have Electric Storage Heaters
  • You have Gas with no Insulation


Property Owners who have chosen to have their property upgraded at no cost and counting

Want to make your home more energy efficient and save money on your energy bills?

Am I eligible to claim ECO4 funding?

ECO4 funding is open to households that claim the following benefits:

  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Individuals who claim Income-Based Benefits
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Warm Home Discount Rebate
  • Housing Benefit
  • Properties with Insufficient Heating
  • Child Benefits - depending on income threshold
  • Income-Based Support & Employments Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
  • Pension Credit Saving Credit
  • Homeowners or Private Tenants

Certain benefits aren't eligible for ECO4 funding. These include disability living allowance, personal independence payment, carer's allowance, and armed forces independence payment.

However, you may still qualify for a grant – keep reading to find out more.

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The UK Government has launched the ECO4 grant, a £4 billion round of funding to help people improve energy efficiency in their homes.

With energy costs at an all-time high, this funding helps make homes warmer and means people can save money on their bills.

The ECO4 grant is open to tenants, homeowners, landlords, and housing associations. As long as you fulfil the criteria, you can claim the money. Even if you're not eligible for the ECO4 grant, there are other grants you can take advantage of. Which we can assist you with.

We can see if you're eligible for funding, help you put in a claim, and put you in touch with an accredited installer near you who can do the work. Whether you're claiming for yourself or on behalf of your tenants or landlords, this grant funding will boost energy efficiency and keep in the heat.

The ECO funding scheme has been around for ten years and has helped over 3 million properties in the UK become more energy efficient. Will you be next to claim?

Keep reading to see if you qualify, and how you can get funding in just a couple of clicks.

Why is The Government offering this funding? What's the catch?

The UK Government has announced a target of net zero for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This means that the amount of greenhouse gas produced by the UK equals the amount removed.

Some homes in the UK are less energy efficient than others, especially older homes. The ECO4 grant aims to increase the energy rating of these homes and make them more efficient.

There's no catch at all; this grant scheme is legitimately offered by both national and local governments.

Bear in mind that all work is subject to survey and is dependent on how much money you are eligible to claim.

How does the grant work?

We'll ask you to answer a few questions and determine your eligibility for funding. If you (or the person you are claiming on behalf of) qualify, we'll identify how much grant money can be claimed.

We'll then put you in touch with a trusted and accredited installer near you. They'll survey the property and identify the right energy-saving measure to install.

The grant money is paid directly to the installer, meaning you don't have to handle large amounts of cash.

What if I'm not receiving benefits? Can I still get funding?

While you may not be eligible for ECO4 funding, you may be eligible for LA Flex funding. This is funding that is offered by your local council.

LA Flex funding is offered to low-income households which earn under £30,000. The specific threshold will depend on how many people live in the property and how many dependants they have.

Claimants may be able to get funding for health conditions that are made worse by the cold, like COPD, asthma, arthritis, or cancer, or if there are vulnerable people in the property. By this, we mean older people over the age of 65, young children under the age of 5, or pregnant women.

The LA Delivery Scheme (LADS) is also a potential funding source. Eligible homeowners could claim up to £10,000, while landlords can claim up to £5,000. However, landlords may be asked to contribute a third of the cost of funding.

For both schemes, the property's current energy rating must be E, F, or G. In some cases, if you have a D rating close to an E, this may be considered.

Get in touch with us using the form below, and we'll help you determine if you're eligible for either of these schemes.

Can I claim if I rent my home?

Yes – all schemes are open to people who are renting or living in social housing, as long as they meet the criteria.

Your landlord must give permission before funding is offered.

Will I need to provide certain information to get funding?

Yes. Tenants and homeowners will need to provide proof of benefits or any medical conditions.

We'll explain what evidence is required when we talk to you.

What can I use the funding for?

The ECO4 and LA Flex/LADS grants can be used to install a range of energy efficiency measures, including:

  • Boiler and Storage Heaters
  • Underfloor Insulation
  • Loft and Roof Insulation
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Double or Triple Glazing
  • Central Heating
  • Internal and External Wall Insulation
  • Solar Panels
  • Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Draught Proofing

We'll conduct a home survey, meaning we can identify the measure that increases energy efficiency the most and helps you see the most financial savings.

Can I claim funding wherever I am in the UK?

ECO4 funding is open to people across England, Scotland, and Wales. Not all councils offer LA Flex and LADS funding, so availability depends on where you live.

We'll check if your local council is providing funding on your behalf.

How much money can I receive through these funding schemes?

It depends on your eligibility and where the property is located in the UK.

Some households can receive up to £30,000 towards energy-saving initiatives.

Bear in mind that depending on your eligibility and the energy efficiency option you choose, the grant may only partially cover the installation. However, we'll work with you to make sure you get the optimal results for the funding you receive.

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