Manual Wheelchair Insurance

Cover Highlights

  • No Excess
  • Manual & Motorised Wheelchairs
  • Theft, Vandalism & Accidental Damage
  • Third Party Liability
  • Legal Expenses
  • No Hidden Fees

Manual and Electric wheelchair insurance

Insure your wheelchair and accessories from just as little as £25 a year. With around 1.2 million Wheelchair users in the UK, whether that be due to injury or disability, we understand that the large majority will heavily depend on them from day to day. Our wheelchair insurance covers you and your wheelchair against the common faults and uncontrollable scenarios, protecting your ability and human right to stay mobile.

Each of our policies protect a wide range of models; from electric-powered wheelchairs to attendant-propelled & self-propelled manual wheelchairs, along with their accessories.

We provide cover for third party liability, loss, theft & damage, both accidental and vandalism. With also the inclusion of international travel cover for your wheelchair (excluding North America & Canada), with additional security against breakdown & punctures.

As with our other policies you have the option to choose 3 levels of cover tailored to suit your needs.

Our manual wheelchair and powered wheelchair insurance policies are designed with your freedom in mind, providing you with the additional security to live life confidently knowing we have you and your wheelchair covered.

Our Policies Change Lives

SAGIC who are owned by The Salvation Army underwrite all the mobility scooter insurance policies and are the only insurer to return 100% of their profit to charity, not to shareholders. When you purchase your insurance policy with us, you’ll not only be protecting yourself with a comprehensive policy for your needs, but you’ll also be helping to raise much-needed funds for The Salvation Army to help people in need and vital community projects across the UK.

Wheelchair Insurance Cover Included:
  • Accidental damage, Malicious damage and vandalism up to £2,000
  • Puncture repair
  • Fire, storm and flood
  • Hire costs for alternative wheelchair following an insured event
  • International travel cover up to 21 days (Excluding USA and Canada)
  • Third-party liability cover up to £2,000,000
  • Accidental damage to property up to £2,000,000
  • Recovery costs after an insured event up to £20 per claim
Further benefits:
  • No Excess
  • We cover your wheelchair when it’s locked in your car
  • Cover whilst your wheelchair is in the possession or control of airport authorities, baggage handlers or whilst on an aircraft
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Price Includes Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)
  • No Credit/Debit Card Charges
  • Price Match Promise
  • UK Call Centre
  • Damage to rented, leased, hired or borrowed properties for your activities.
  • Overseas Personal Liability including bodily injury to any person or damage to material property.
  • Employee’s liability in case of death, bodily injury, illness or disease to you.
  • Bodily injury (including accidental death) to any employee.
  • Up to £100,000 legal cover
  • 24/7 legal assistance helpline
  • A wide range of healthcare tasks is automatically included as standard

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