Mobility Scooter Warranty

Cover Includes

  • No Excess
  • Protection When Your Warranty Runs Out
  • Electrical & Mechanical Faults
  • Full Cost of Repairs
  • Available as an Add on Only
  • No Hidden Fees

Manual Scooter Extended Warranty

Mobility Scooter Extended Warranty is an optional add on to the mobility scooter insurance policies we offer. Which is available to extend the warranty period on your scooter. This will cover you for electrical breakdown or mechanical failure to give you complete peace of mind knowing that the repairs on your mobility scooter are covered. You do however need to purchase a mobility scooter insurance policy with our providers to be able to buy this add-on.

Whilst most mobility scooter shops will provide a basic manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase a scooter. This type of warranty is often only for the first 12 months. Our providers can offer an extended warranty for scooters that are 4 years and younger to continue the hassle-free journey, and continued peace of mind.

There are no excess payments on any of the mobility scooter insurance policies and no hidden fees. You can like with our other insurance policies add this extra on and pay monthly for mobility scooter extended warranty from just as little as £6 per month or when taking out an annual policy from just £60 in addition to your insurance premium.

What is Mobility Scooter Warranty?

Mobility Scooter Warranty is there to protect you, if your scooter breaks down due to an electrical or mechanical fault. You can relax knowing there will be no large repair bills to worry about. And our providers will handle the full cost of repairs from start to finish, to include costs of the parts, call out fees and labour costs.It is our priority to get you back on the road quickly. Which is why a dedicated claims team is available to help you.

If your scooter encounters an electrical or mechanical breakdown, the claims process is fast and straightforward. The experts on hand will answer any questions you have and handle all aspects of your claim efficiently.

Our Policies Change Lives

SAGIC who are owned by The Salvation Army underwrite all the mobility scooter insurance policies and are the only insurer to return 100% of their profit to charity, not to shareholders. When you purchase your insurance policy with us, you’ll not only be protecting yourself with a comprehensive policy for your needs, but you’ll also be helping to raise much-needed funds for The Salvation Army to help people in need and vital community projects across the UK.

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